Thursday, June 23

R.O.M < Ravi & Shamila > 10/6/2011

10-6-2011, one of our family meaningful and exciting day where registration of marriage took place for my dearest sister Shamila and beloved brother-in-law, Ravi, at JPN, Putrajaya. Early wake ups began at 4 a.m as Shamila need to dress up and the makeup girl need to get ready in time. Once reach at JPN, both families and friends waited patiently for the turn to be called up. Once both of the couple name has been called out, both families and friends went to the registration of marriage room to witness the ceremony. I can feel the excitement, plus the teasing and jokes made from both side of the families made the environment livelier. The ceremony end up with photo shot with the professional photographer and the session continues at Putrajaya Bridge and park.

Lastly, we end up at Indian Kitchen at Cyberjaya (posted about the restaurant previously)  to celebrate Ravi's birthday which fall on the same day. I would like to wish the couple with prosperous and blissful life :)


R.O.M room

waiting moments

the pledge moment

signing the ROM form

signing the ROM form

ring ceremony

ring ceremony

photoshot session

photoshot session

superman cake for ravi

wish moment

cutting cake ceremony

Restaurant Buddies Cafe, Neocyber, Cyberjaya

One of my another favourite spot during break time for food is Buddies Cafe which is located in Neocyber, Cyberjaya. Well, Buddies cafe are known with light food such as thosai, roti canai, teh tarik, mee gorengs and even nasi briyani plus nasi kandar. The atmosphere are quiet and one can find JS Maju, Mak Teh , Arabian Sundry Shop, Arab Restaurant plus with a Pakistani restaurants along Buddies Cafe row. I would rate Buddies Cafe for 3 stars from 5 Below is some pictures captured for view :

Monday, June 13

Indian Kitchen, Cyberjaya

It is really hectic to get a good food around Cyberjaya with the price of food whooping like minimum RM5 (am talking about the price of plain Maggie mee soup!) in normal or exclusive restaurant. Moreover, finding an Indian solid food after 3 p.m (since my work starts during that hour), it is kind of gold in pot when we found a good place to curb our hunger. One of the Indian food which i felt worth for money is Indian Kitchen, which is located at Terminal Bus (known more as The Street Mall, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya.

As you can see below, pictures of Indian Kitchen, one of the main factor which i felt comfortable is the environment , cleanliness of the restaurant and the atmosphere itself. This time we had briyani after my sister's ROM in Putrajaya ( I will update about that in next post). The cost of a bowl of briyani cost RM10 to RM12 (Egg to Prawn briyani) and other North and South cuisine is available here as well. I will rate Indian Kitchen 3 STARS from 5

Beside Indian's Kitchen, QTHAI restaurant and Penang House restaurant known with good food is based there as well. I will post more about QTHAI restaurant which is famous of Thai's food :)

main entrance


briyani price

menu picture

menu of the day

egg briyani

mutton briyani

chicken briyani

chicken briyani in the plate

environment of the restaurant

environment of the restaurant

QTHAI  restaurant

PENANG HOUSE  restaurant